Sunday, June 2, 2013


Leaves are often associated with greens, but this Sunday I have discovered the range of variety that delivered me to a series of photo shoots. Using close up shots I never thought leaves could be so beautiful and colorful.

Leaves do bloom. They got this red lining, white spots, violets, yellow and pinks!

See how colorful they are;


 -pictures were taken from the front yard.

the_real =)

Sunday, May 5, 2013


SMILING, it's not about how perfect your teeth are, it's just about how wide it gets. -the_real

I never thought of having a gap teeth would hinder me to smile, happiness comes naturally, so is a smile. So if ever there is a chance to smile and to capture the memory with a lense we just have to smile our widest!

^___,^ it's priceless, it's free, so there's no reason not to give it away.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Book Review: FAULT IN OUR STARS by John Green

Making a blog about this book feels like a betrayal to the author, to the readers and to this intellectually made piece of story. Being the apathetic that I am, I did not by all means shed a single tear while reading through the very rock bottom hard drama parts especially when Gus said he have lit up meaning his cancer cells are now glowing like a Christmas tree lights, its everywhere through his body, and I can’t believe it that I haven’t cried, even when Augustus Waters died .

But, nonetheless it was a really good book, and the chance to make a blog from it is unexceptional.

The book was narrated by Hazel Grace Lancaster a terminal cancer teenage girl, who by the initiation of her mother made her to join a support group where she met the staring gentleman Augustus Waters that by that time got his legs amputated and was NEC (No Eminent Cancer). Still Hazel couldn’t find anyone more attractive, charismatic and hotter in that support group other than Augustus Waters who clearly is emanating those darling crooked smiles. 

What I like about this book are the metaphors, the two intellectually made characters and the story that just want to tell you that life goes on, that some infinities are bigger than other infinities, that the world is not a wish granting factory still God put’s the right persons in our lives.

I have made one realization though, it’s a common awareness that people with cancer are most likely dying, but who isn’t? We are all dying, truth be told every day we are dying because that’s where all of us will go, and because we are human and have a family to care, a world to see and someone to love we are hoping to live a little longer.

…and by the way dear Mr. John Green if An Imperial Affliction is a duly published book, I surely would love to read it. =)

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Gap toothed BEAUTY

I am gap toothed but it has never stopped me from thinking that I am beautiful. Yez, there are those moments of insecurities but being gap toothed made me more happy to show the world that even with this imperfection of having a gap between my front row teeth I must never stop smiling and letting the universe know that I am happy.

                Some are concern on how I would appear to the public eye. They are afraid that I would look like ugly little duckling /gap toothed dora the explorer minus the bangs…It disturbs me sometimes, I know they are just concern. There was a time that my face seemed to revolt against me, planting these red pimples on my cheeks and on my forehead, my hair is super dry and I have to wear glasses plus I can’t appreciate the beauty of my separated teeth. I swear I have never looked myself in the mirror for almost a month, even in wind shields, or anything that cast a reflection I dare not to even glance, because when I do, it seems I’m looking at an untamed geeky hopeless monster.

                …then I realized one day, this imperfections doesn’t really matter. There are those people that have acne all over there face and they are happy. There’s Vanessa Paradis that even with a gap tooth got the hottest, sexiest, quirkiest, talented man ever lived and that is ever dearest Johnny Depp. So, why am I sulking? Just because I don’t have a super model height? Just because I don’t have a flawless glowing skin? Just because I don’t have those fully formed nose? those perfect rosy cheeks, those luscious lips, and especially those perfectly aligned, sparkling white teeth?

My answer is the heck with the beauty standards of the world, I am BEAUTIFUL! 

                Beauty, we are all born with it, and it all starts from accepting who we are and what we are. We are created in God’s likeness. We are beautiful. I am beautiful and you are beautiful!

                As days passed by, my pimples have dried out, yes they have leaved scars but I don’t care.
   My vision get’s blurry everyday so I really need to wear glasses, I may look like a nerd but I don’t care.

                My nose, as they say looks just like a lump on my face, but I don’t care.

                I have cut short my hair and I don’t even know if it will fit me, well I don’t care.

                My teeth? They just keep on gapping but I don’t care. ^^, Braces are too expensive.

                My height, too bad it got tired growing only 4’9” tall at age 24, (sigh). It’s hereditary you know, I have nothing much to do about it, better leave it to acceptance. LOL 

                Pretty much the only important thing is hygiene…haha…and you are free to S-M-I-L-E !

                                                                                                            the_real BEAUTY

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

500 Days of Summer

Prelude: Well it started from (me) having a crush with Joseph Gordon-Levitt that I ended up watching 500 days with summer because everyone is recommending meto watch it if I want to see JGL so bad. So, with the help of a good friend (who downloaded it), I ended up watching the movie.

Well ofcourse the movie started with someone narrating and these flashes of videos of young Tom and young Summer, and da da da da da…you get the idea if you have seen the movie…just scan it out of your head…=)

My point is other than JGL is super cute and I just want to pinched him while bearing that very very notable smile…well I was having some reflections while watching the movie.
First: Tom and Summer is like the life size representation of myself. Summer as the blank, interesting, insensitive kinda girl which is me, and Tom is the i don’t know what to do kind of guy which is also me. It’s not that  Tom is the male version of me and Summer is the other way around. It’s like as if they are portraying a drama in which I can see how I will exactly act

More explanation…Summer is like the side of me that’s like… yeah you have seen Summer, that’s just like me, go with the flow, blank, intriguing, smile, laugh, doing unexpected things and all,< yeah I’m like that >and maybe I’m like her that I think, I don’t want someone to brand me as something as theirs.

Tom, is also like me, the don’t know what to do kinda guy, . The one that it seems like things are out of your league kinda type. The one that needs advice, the one that just stare, the one that cherish every moment when it comes, smiles in unexpected gestures, appreciate in small things that for some are big deals to be made. Tom is like me, and I think “Tom” will work for me. . . .
One thing also about Summer is that, she have walls…walls that can only break down by someone who she trust. Someone that she feel comfortable with and that opportunity is rarely given.

I enjoyed the movie, not because it was JGL and Zoe Deschanel, but because it was full of reality. It was not made by fictitious tailored love stories. It was full of sweetness, love, tragedies and sadness. The ups and downs of relationship and the following of life. 
I love how Tom, moved on after the pain when he saw the engagement ring on Summer’s  finger. He tarry, he tossed and turned, got lazy and then boom one day he woke up, he’s still living and got to live with life. He pursued Architecture ….he started anew, read books and started one by one applying for his chosen field…and maybe after a hard work, showered and looking sharp. Though you can see from his face that’s “What’s all these got to do when I don’t have Summer? I miss Summer.” Then one day on his favourite spot where he could view the entire city with all its majestic buildings a familiar voice called, “Hey Tom”.
It was Summer. There she was, sitting next to him, the girl he have longed for, and greeting  her “You’re married…” faking a good smile.

 Summer only looks at him with no qualm or anything and only answered what Tom cannot understand why she don’t want to be somebody’s girlfriend but now she’s somebody’s  wife. Summer just said “It’s just happen…I just woke up one day and I knew..”

“Knew what?”

“What I was never sure of with you.”

At that moment I just feel the pain Tom felt…really I do. It was true pain for Tom, the woman he have loved, he spent with sleepless night thinking over and over again about their pass and memories was there in front of him saying she wasn’t sure if she have loved him.
Summer laid her hand on Tom’s hand and baid goodbye.
Tom was left there sitting on the bench…and it was just surreal, a broken hearted man watching the city streets and buildings afar.

Ending is, even though Tom was left with a shattered belief on fate, destiny and childhood fairy tales… I still do believe it was meant for him to be scheduled on that interview, waiting there talking with his competiton and realized yes maybe he must have not been looking…and sure is 500 days of Summer is over but day 1 with Autum has already started and they are having coffee later.

Monday, January 23, 2012


Ano ba yung uso? Yung mga nakikita sa tv at ginagaya ng mga tao sa kanilang pananamit, pag-galaw, pagsasalita at mga hilig? Mga bagong dance craze o bagong tugtugin? Mga unkabogable na mga jokes o teach me how to dougie? Kpop, jpop, glee, at ang jejemon? Oo nga naman, nakaka-tuwa talagang makasabay sa uso. Feeling mo talaga super in ka na sa mundo! As in in na in to the highest most level kasi nakaksabay ka sa mga kaibigan mo, katrabaho mo, at ka-netizens mo! Masaya diba?

Ako, meron sana akong gustong ma-uso, kasi para Siyang rainbow, binigyan niya ng kulay ang mundo ko.

Kapag kasama ko Siya parang parating umaga! LumiLiwanag kasi mundo ko. ^^

Kasi noong wala Siya, ang buhay ko parang lapis na hindi pa natatasahan: pointless.

Noong wala sya, ang life parang seesaw, laging down.

Kaya kung magtatayo ako ng tindahan, mura lahat ng bilihin ko
…Kasi kay LORD lang ako MAGMAMAHAL! Naks!
Kapag si Lord ang nasa puso mo.
“SAKTO!” na ang buhay mo.

“Everyday you’re ok.”

kasi His “Moving you forward”.

Ang Sarap ng buhay kasi araw-araw “Ang sarap ng feeling mo.” ^^

He “fuels success.” That’s why He can “Turn dreams into reality “, if you just pray and ask it from him.

Kay Lord laging “Wala kang talo!” kasi syempre “Always tama and timpla.”

Kaya with Lord “Life’s Good” because you know “You’re in GOOD HANDS”

Tatak mo sa kokote mo ! That with God life is COMPLETE.

Kaya pinapangarap ko na sisikat ng sobra-sobra si Lord! Hindi lang yung sikat lang siya sa loob ng simbahan, yung talagang let the LIGHT shine talaga, na hanggang sa kasuok-suokan ng Pilipinas at sa buong mundo!

Sana bukas ang mag Top 1 na sa Myx Hit Chart ay yung mga Christian Songs! Hindi lang yan, ang nagpla-platinum na album ay yung mga Praises and Worship to the Lord! Sa kasikatan ay pati Billboard na conquer na din!

Ang favorite na na gawin ng mga kabataan ay Farmville! Harvesting souls and winning souls for the Lord!

Ang mga dinudumog na na mga concerts ay yung sa mga Hill Songs at mga iba’t-ibang bagong nabuong mga banda dahil sa super inspired na sila kay Lord!

All the people will know His name and they will praise Him more and more everyday kasi si Lord sobra pa yan sa telephone, cellphone, wifi, at bluetooth kung maka-connect! Open ang linya nya 24 hours a day, whole year! Tumawag ka lang sa kanya at hidi Siya magsasawang pakinggan ka. Bumalik ka lang sa kanya at humingi ng tawad at bigla Siyang tatakbo patungo sa’yo dahil ‘yan lang ang hinihintay niya mula sa’yo. Mapagmahal ang Diyos at mapagpatawad. Ikaw lang ang hinihintay niyang kumatok sa pintuan at bumalik sa Kanya. Dahil IKAW ay ang Kanyang minamahal na anak.

Kaya let’s sing!

You and me, sitting on a tree

Nag-pray ako sana lahat tayo scientist, para LAB natin si Lord!

Kaya ngayon ang puso ko parang apoy, kasi alab alab. alab you LORD! (^-,^)

Friday, January 20, 2012


If my life would be playing a tone at this moment it would resonate a sad note. My life is confused.

I will disappoint again a person, but this step I know, I have seek God's advice and guidance. That's why I'm on firm ground.

It doesn't mean I have love God lesser, it doesn't mean I have hardened my heart to the Lord.

My loyalty is still with the LORD. My faith is in the LORD and my commitment is between me and the LORD and that still holds true.

I maybe making this turn but it's not a u-turn. I'm just on the next lane same side as you with same direction. We are on the same side, side by side.

We are still one with the LORD, because we are His children.

God bless and always. AMEN